Medieval Demon - The real infernal lords of the night
The members of Medieval Demon was quite young when they started out and itīs good that they been in the scene for a while. Alexander and Kostas created the band in late 1993. They have released one demo "Night of..." (1994), a split 7" with Invocation, "Night of the Infernal Lords and recently they released their debut-cd on Unisound entitled "Demonlatria". Medieval Demon plays black metal, even though their style has changed through the years. the 7" was extremely primitive with raw production but really good anyway. Then on the cd they have pictures which reminds me alot of Cradle Of Filth, you know semi-naked women, blood and stuff. But the music is not similar to the British act, no this is still primitve black metal with thrashy riffs and alot of keyboards and brutal vocals, also the drumming is not that fast which make it not so boring to listen to. I can also add the goth-rockers Bloodcult is a project of some Medieval Demon members.