Zephyrous - Where Serpent Kings and Dreamlords reign.
This is good music I must say. They started out quite a long time ago and recorded their 50 min "Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones" demo back in ´94. The french label Impure Creations recs (nowadays Velvet Music) was so impressed by the demo that they decided to release it on CD. The music was individual and grim black metal. Zephyrous has also released a split-CD with cult band Vorphalack. They recorded the follower to "Entrance..." in 1997 and has recently released it. It´s a mini-CD called "A Caress of War and Wisdom" and has nothing to do with their earlier releases. No this is avantgardish, strange, very original metal which I totally adore. For more info about the mini-CD read my review. I´ve heard rumours that they´re recording their new full-length album these days which will follow in the same direction as the mini-CD. Good for me... Less good for those who more liked old Zephyrous.