Vorphalack - Metal to the Honour of LaVey
Classic black metal is what we got here. Vorphalack was formed in 1992 by Lord Alatoth ( once known as Funeral) and Rotting Soul so they have been in the scene for quite some time now, and they have three releases; "Black sorrow for a dead brother" demo which is great black metal, "Under the sight of dragon" 7" through legendary label Molon Lave which is more death metal and finally their split lp with my heroes Zephyrous out on Melancholy production, a release which I would call something of a mix between black and death metal, still it's very good and raw. Vorphalack consists of: Lord Alatoth - vocals, Necrolord - guitars and bass, Mantus - keyboards. There has been many line-up changes in Vorphalack and for example the old bassist was Lady Lilith of Astarte. I have always liked Vorphalack because of their grimness and interesting metal. Nowadays with their new mini-lp "In memory..." I think they're one of the best black metal bands out of hellas today.