Varathron - Majesties at the swamp
Varathron has almost have had the same influence on the greek scene as Rotting Christ. And why not, they play great metal. Ther has been a lot of line-up changes and in the beginning Mutilator handled the bass. The picture is of Necroslaughter, former guitarist who isnīt in the band any more. Their breakthrough came with their split-LP with Necromantia "Black arts..." and after this theyīve only released two records. The first one "His majesty at the swamp" sounded quite much like Rotting Christ but had something special and interesting: It was more doomy than the other fellows. Anyway the follower "Walpurgisnacht" is a masterpiece of melodic black metal with cool leads and great vocals. Iīve heard that they released a promo in ī97 but I havenīt heard it so canīt tell you what itīs like. But I hope they will release a CD or 7" soon, because we all long after quality elite black metal. Iīve heard that theyīre searching for a new label, and what label could refuse a deal with Varathron? If I had a label Varathron was the first band Iīd sign together with Eternal Winter if they they were looking for one.