Twilight - Thessaloniki Black Metal Masters
TWILIGHT were created in the end of 1992 in Thessaloniki. They have released the following: "Valleys of the burning visions", demo 1993,"Darkest Odes" demo 1994, And two untitled promotapes. The only song I've heard with TWILIGHT is "My dark aim through macrocosm" which was featured in the Psyclone Sinphonies compilation. This song totally kills with primitive sound and evil music. I really like it. The maybe reminds a little about Nordor but even faster than that outfit. Well nowadays the band is working on new and older unreleased stuff and also some new songs. Twilight's black metallic sound is as pure and progressive as possible. The band consist of Hades of Absu - twilight howls, Satyrus - haunted chords, Death Dealer - echoes from erebus, Vongaar - Devastating Drumming, Kataclysm - destructive thunders.