Thou Art Lord - Satan´s Sons
Thou Art Lord is a well known name not only for the Greeks but also for the internationals. Why is this? It could be because the guitarist name is Necromayhem, the bassist´s and keyboardist´s name´s M.W. Daoloth and the vocalist goes by the name of Gothmog. As you probably have guessed this is a allstar project of the Greek underground scene. This could be the reason why they´re so reknown. Another reson could be that that they play so fucking great music. Not only the music is good. No, lyrics like Societas Sathanas and Moonscar makes you shiver. Thou Art Lord has released two albums: "Eosforos" and "Apollyon". The first one sound like typical greek black metal in the old vein but the second one which was recorded at Sin Ena (=top quality) is more speed metal influenced and a lot rawer. Another amusing thing with Thou Art Lord is that on the photo sessions for "Apollyon" they are positioned in front of a factory or something with machineguns in their hands. That´s a quite nice addition to all bands who are equipped with swords and axes and stuff.