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O Choros was created in 1997 as a small project covering four underground black metal bands from hellas; Legion of Doom, Agatus, Zephyrous and Ochros Iskios. A few months later more bands were added as well as reviews, news, tabs and so on... In 1999 there was a new start with "The New O Choros" which expanded a lot and covered more than 50 Hellenic and Cypriotic metal bands and lots of other news and info. NOW!!! In 2002 There's been another new start with these pages you're at now. This new page covers 80 bands and everything you want to know about Hellenic Metal. The main purpose of this new page, is that I want to expand the Metal scene in Hellas even more and I have felt that now again I have time to update the page at least once a week, which I didn't have time to do with the last page due to sub-human working hours. Enjoy...

A. Xanthopoulos, webmaster of O CHOROS

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