Tatir - Evil Pagan Black Metal
The man you see at the left is Filid of Carpathian Forest, drummer of Athenian pagan black metal band Tatir. Tatir was formed in ī94 and in ī95 the first demo was recorded entitled "Dark Autumn Nights". After this a promotape has been recorded too. Tatirīs music is impressive. Fast furious black metal with cool bridges with flute and ancient recitations and so on. Also Hierphantīs vocals is good as always. One cool thing about their 1996 promo "Fons Acheroni" is that the coverīs artwork has been done by Panos Sounas who also has done the artwork for Necromantia. The musicians of Tatir are really good and the guitarist has a cool solo with delay on their promotape. And Filid, the drummer has got the speed that you need to play in a black metal band like Tatir. All I hope is that they will release their CD soon and that it will available outside Greece too, as this is a band that deserve a real breakthrough.