Here in the Guitar Tablatures section, you can learn to play guitar like your heroes. Now in the beginning I will put the Greek metal I´ve tabbed so far. As I got most of it in my head, it might take some time to get it online, because I´m so lazy... If you have tabbed any Greek metal symphonies, you are of course welcome to mail them and I will put up them here. I will of course write that it´s YOU who have tabbed it.

Also if you have any suggestions on what you want to learn how to play, you can mail me. The only rule is that I don´t tab demos because of the mediocre sound quality. Anyway mail your suggestions to and I´ll see what I can do...

Well, here we go... Songs will be added all the time.

WANTED! I have received a suggestion about Nightfall´s "Lesbian Show" album. I don´t think that I have the time to tab the complete album, but of course some songs. Therefor I wonder If anyone has tabbed anything from this record. If so please mail me and I´ll put it up here.

Agatus - "Spirits from the Depths of Earth"

Elysian Fields - "I of Forever"

Elysian Fields - "Foredoomed Elegy"

Kawir - "Artemis"

N  E  W  ! Naer Mataron - "The Chosen Son"

Nightfall - "Monuments of its own Magnificence"

Rotting Christ - "Inside the Eye of Algond"

Rotting Christ - "The Mystical Meeting"

Rotting Christ - "The Forest of N'Gai"

Rotting Christ - "Sign of Evil Existance"

Rotting Christ - "Fgmenth Thy Gift"

Rotting Christ - "Saturn Unlock Avey´s Son"

Rotting Christ - "King of a Stellar War"

Rotting Christ - "A Sorrowfull Farewell"

Rotting Christ - "A Dead Poem"

Rotting Christ - "Ira Incensus"

Septic Flesh - "Phallic Litanies"

N  E  W  ! Septic Flesh "Science"

N  E  W  ! Septic Flesh "DNA"

Thou Art Lord - "A Call To Chaos"

Thou Art Lord - "Eosforos Rex Infernus"

Coming soon... Lots of Nergal, Necromantia "Ancient Pride" 8 string bass adapted for guitar.