Swan Christy - Ready to Goth
I donīt know nothing about the history of this group, so this wonīt be long. Swan Christy play goth-metal with clean vocals, both male and female. And itīs no other than Nathalie from Septic Flesh who sings the female parts. And of course she is as good as always. Also the male vocalist Kostas Makris is really good. I can add that all musicians are great, especially the lead guitarist Grigoris Vasilopoulos who really has his moments. The line-up completes with Tasos Iliopoulos - violin and Iraklis Gialantsides who handles piano, synths and rhythm guitar. Then thereīs a lot of session musicians on their debut "One With the Swan" for example is Lorthar of Order of the Ebon Hand featured and he plays a solo and a coustic guitar part etc. Talking again about their debut. Some songs are connected to the next song so it seems like its ine long song but isnīt. Also there are great lyrics which follow a theme and in the booklet thereīs included a story to each lyric so that you understand whatīs going on.