Septic Flesh - Followers of Morpheus
I have followed Septic Flesh since their "Mystic Places of Dawn" CD in ī93 or when it was. I was impressed by the speed, excellent riffs and solos and of course the most brutal vocals in the world by Spiros (picture). When I heard that Esoptron was released I ran to the record store as this album was one that I had longed for quite some time. But when played the CD I didnīt like it, the only good songs I thought were the two first. So I was dissapointed and didnīt listen to the CD, but after some weeks I decided to listen to it again and now it was a lot better, even better than "Mystic...", and this was strange because also when their third CD "Ophidian Wheel" was released I didnīt like it either until after a few weeks. And think that Septic Fleshīs music got to grow inside of you, it is hard in the beginning of every new CD because they always change their music a little and therfore itīs not not what you had expected and so on. But as we all know now, everything Septic Flesh releases is just getting better and better thatīs impressive.