Rotting Christ - From Arcturo to the forest of īN Gai
Rotting Christ was the band that got me into greek black metal. It was with their EP "Passage to Arcturo" that totally amazed me first time I heard it. The mystical music, the evil lyrics and the great atmosphere makes a good whole sense. Yeah, everyone knows that Rotting Christ started the wave for not just only black metal but also death metal in Greece. Something that not so many knows is their influence on the European black metal scene, thatīs a pitty as RC has been the inspirations for many bands in Sweden, Germany and so on. And the reason why the world thought that every band out of Greece sounded that like RC was of course because of Storm Studio where all bands did their record sessions. Thatīs why the rest of Europe who recorded at various studios sounded more individual, but in fact a lot of them sounded like our kings Rotting Christ. If we talk about their evolution of their sound: In the beginning with their Sathanas Tedeum demo ī89 it sounded a lot like death metal with dark vocals, though the lyrics spoke about evil things I think it feels more like a death metal demo than a black one. And until today with their ī97 "A dead poem" a really good record (one of the best of ī97) but I canīt label it black metal, and RC has said that they have no religious beliefs so... But if you listen to the lyrics of the track A dead poem, where in the booklet it says "Nothing is innocent...". Donīt you think it sounds like "God think heīs innocent..."? Check it out!