Here in the reviews section I have reviewed new and old demos, records and CDīs so that those that isnīt too involved with scene doesnīt miss some of the best releases out of Hellas. All reviews by Alexis "evilgreek" Xanthopoulos unless otherwise stated. The grading system is as follows: A scale from 0-5 where zero is shit and five is tops. Here is a more detailed description of the grades.

0 - Get a gun, commit suicide, are these guys really from Greece?

1 - Not good at all. Really embarrassing. My kid sister is a better musician than these clowns!

2 - Hmm, what can you say about this. Not impressing overall but some parts or something amuses me.

3 - Quite typical music. Some parts are good and some parts less good. Could come from any country.

4 - Yeah this is really cool. Good musicanship, great music and lyrics make this stand out over the crowd.

5 - YES, YES, YES! This is amazing! When you hear stuff like this, you are really proud to have hellenic blood in your veins.