Regent - Death Metal Thrash from Thessaloniki
Regent were formed in 1990 as Crucifix in Thessaloniki. They play brutal and technical Death metal. They have played live a lot with quite known groups. For example in 1991 they supported Sodom and in 1992 they supported Napalm Death when they were in Thessaloniki. Regent has released the following: "Beyong the Graves" demo 1992, a twotrack promo tape in 1994 and last their 1997 demo. They have also taken part in some compilations like "Beyond the Grave" Lp from Darkside Records, "Sometimes Death is Better" cd and "The European Deathophobia Series Vol. I" cd. Personally I enjoy the music of Regent. As their thrashy extreme death metal suits me quite well, I have only heard two songs though, but they're really good. Regent's line-up is: Harry Albanis - guitars/vocals, Greg Vartholomeos - guitars, Chris Cosmidis - Bass, Mike Verros - Drums, Lefteris Chatzipantelidis - Keyboards