"Now, it seems that since I left, all little pussies over there raised their heads to be smart asses when I'm thousands of kilometers away. Well I have news for the worms. I'll be there before they prepare their graves and again, they WILL bow to me, like they all DID, when I was there."

- Emperor Vorskaath of ZEMIAL

"The mini-cd of HYDRA will basically be an ode to the forthcoming Hellenic retalition..."

- Iskios of HYDRA

"The god of every existence is himself."

- Rotting of UNHOLY THRONE

"Can you live without blood? No, and imagine what will happen if some people survive after a nuclear disaster... they will be vampires. They will stay under the ground, they will drink blood and eat human flesh. That's a possible situation."


"We have let our culture and heritage rot. Once kings, rulers of this world, now unworthy to carry the title of Hellas. We must return to the old ways and days not literally, but spiritually."


"We decided to use it because we are bored of all these cliche covers with monsters, skeletons, blood and Satan..."


"Very few are the bands I support; LAMENTATION, LEGION OF DOOM, NECROMANTIA, ZEPHYROUS. The rest can fuck off."

- Lord Wolf Darkoan of WINTERGODS

"We will die for Hellas, we shall fight for our total victory. Hail Hellas! After the destruction of Turkey I will join the legion of evil for a whole christian destruction."

- Nowead Luczebeus Sutagel of HIERONYMOUS INFERI

"Fuck the priests, rape the nuns, burn the heaven, execute the angels..."

- Lord Alatoth of VORPHALACK

"Many people will possibly think that the song 'Battle on the Norse Mountains' has been ripped of from IMMORTAL, it is wrong. I was writing about norsemen, long before they knew that their ancestors were vikings."

- Emperor Vorskaath of ZEMIAL, 1997