Order of the Ebon Hand - To those who bleed in red
This is for me quite a new band, and what happy you are when you find music like this in the record store. Order of the Ebon Hand is the hellenic band that succeeds best to capture a Scandinavian sound with hyperspeed drums, guttoral vocals and excellent melodies. And just because the sound Scandinavian they donīt sound like any particular band, no they blend the best of the scene and mix it together with the grimness from the Hellenic scene. They have one CD out entitled "The Mystic Path to the Netherworld" on Hypervorea records. I think that they were about to release a split CD through Dark Side Records together with Chained and Desperate but this was a long time ago and nothing happened. Anyway, by their Hypervorea CD and enjoy 42 minutes of first class black metal.