On Thorns I Lay - Phlebotomized with thorns
On thorns I lay started out quite long ago under the name of Phlebotomy. At this time they played brutal death metal. But after some time they changed their name to On thorns I lay and released their debut CD "Sounds of beautiful experience" through Holy records. As you can hear on the title of the album, it was real cheesy with some death vocals but most clean that sounded shit. Also the production was weak. This wasn´t so good so when I got the advertisement in my mail-box from Holy Records where it said that On thorns... had released a new album I was sceptical. But wait a minute, it said there was female vocals now and melodies? So it ended with that I want to the metal shop and bought a copy of "Orama" as it is called. And this was a lot better than their first epic. It starts of with grinding and excellent female vocals. Also the vocalist Stefanos (on the picture) had ditched the cheesy vocals and did now only grunt through the songs which suited the music a lot better. Also there are great solos, heavy metal riffs and nice keyboard work. If this is how they want to play, I´ll surely buy their next album.