Obsecration - Classic Death Metal
I don't know anything of the history of the band but I sure know how they play. This is classic brutal death metal with killer riffs and brutal vocals and powerful drumming. As well as monster solos and nice acoustic guitar pieces. As far as I know they have released a 7" called "Obliveous" and their debut cd "The Inheritors Of Pain" on Hammerheart Records. I guess they have released some demos too, but I haven't heard them so. What else can I say about the music? Well some of the riffs are very thrashy and some very Slayer influenced but ther're very original anyway I must say. The line-up is: Costas Dead - vocals, Billy - rhythm guitar, John - lead and acoustic guitar/keyboards, Peyteris - bass/keyboards, Berserker - session drums. On some tracks of the cd Magus Wampyr Daoloth from Necromantia play some keyboard too.