Nordor - Veterans in Black
Nordor is one of the oldest band out of Hellas. The story started back in september 1989. After some changes the final line-up was False Prophet - guitar and vocals, Mardok - guitar, Gore - Drums, Unblessed - bass. In May 1991 Nordor went to the studio to record their first demo entitled "Ceremony of Demonic Brutality". The demo contained two track of slow, brutal death metal and one intro. In September Mardok left the band due to several reasons. They recorded a 7" single for the Italian company Obscure Plasma Records. Two years later they released the single on tape called "His Fictitious Grandeur" four tracks which includes intro and outro. Nordor has also experimented with having a lead female vocalist but it didn't work out that well. Nowadays False Prophet is the only member of Nordor and probably he will probably be alone in the future too.