Nocturnal Howling - Extreme Vampiric Death Metal
I think Nocturnal Howling was formed back in 1994 or even 1993 but I'm not really sure. It was Stelios and Mike who got this idea to play extreme death metal. Many members have come and gone, but now the line-up is complete. They have only released one demo called "Night, Our Everlasting Veil". This demo is good extreme death with a lot of bass in the mix and many very nice acoustic guitar parts. Maybe too much bass some would say. They have also been included on the compilation tape of Ancient Tragedy; "Io Bakxe Eyoi" where they perform a powerful song from their demo. The lyrics If quote speak about "We write about fantastic, or if you prefer semi-fantastic, experiences, about the savage reality or even about extreme hidden feelings and desires." To get your opinion get the "Night, Our Everlasting Veil" demo and enjoy six tracks of powerful hellenic death metal.