Nightfall - Poetic War Metal
Nightfall is together with Rotting Christ the most successful Hellenic metal band, and through the years they have gained a lot of respect in the underground scene. This is because of their technical metal and intelligent lyrics. If we look at the musical direction it has become less technical on the latest CD "Lesbian Show" if you compare with their second album "Macabre Sunsets". Instead the music is heavier than ever with a lot of heavy metal influences, which are cool. And it is good to change musical direction a little, we all know that, and Nightfall has managed to keep the same spirit they had when they started out many years ago. Efthimis Karadimas is what I would call the band leader, who write all lyrics and most of the music. The band has have the same line-up for a long time and not until some year ago the former rhythm guitarist Chris Adamou was replaced by Jim Agelopoulos. The line-up completes with Mike Galiatsos and Costas Savidis. I donīt think the keyboard player; George Aspiotis is a stable member anymore. And last thing if you have a chance, try to see them live, theyīre damn good on stage too.