News from the Greek underground scene will be put up here as soon as I get it. Bands, īzines, labels and distros... If you have released anything recently or if you know something that would suit on this page, send a mail to:

Hellenic pagans FIENDISH NYMPH have released their last opus in the format of a cassette album entitled "Aenaon Under Nocturnal Mortums" on Orianna production. The band has split up and their members have formed a new project under the moniker - xArkanEx - playing symphonic neo-classical ambient arcane art metal and are in search of a label to release their debut album with possible title "Calling to A Mesmeric Dance". Interested labels should e-mail them at :

DAEMONIA NYMPHE has just released their new mini CD "Tirvasia", which features 4 hymns of Dyonisic Bacchic Ritualistic Music and will probably participate in the annual pagan festival Planet Earth in England this summer :

Rotting Christ will record their new full-length cd in SWEDEN's Abyss Studios with Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy) as producer. The rumours about the new material is that it's more aggressive and more in the vein of "Thy Mighty Contract" record. Future will tell.

More news from Holy Records. EXHUMATION's new album "Traumaticon" will be released soon. Exact release date will follow.

SEPTIC FLESH's new album "Revolution DNA" is now released again under the wings of Holy Records. Still heavy as hell, still gods. Some changes though are that now Lethe (Order of the Ebon Hand) plays the drums and that Spiros almost totally ditched the dragonvoice. Also more clean vocals appear but no more female, I don't know why.

HYDRA have now finished the recording, mixing and mastering for the mini-cd "Polemos". The only thing that's not done is the pressing of the cds and the covers. More news will come soon.

The NAR MATARON/VORPHALACK split-cd is now finished and is on the way from the pressing factory. Expect some killer black metal here. Reviews will follow soon.

The great black metal band from Larissa; JACKALS TRUTH are planning to enter the studio soon, so that they will record some promo stuff that they send to the labels.

The recordings for the mini-cd "Polemos" from HYDRA has started. The recordings take place in SWEDEN's cult studio "Funeral Fuck Studios". The mini-cd which is self financed will contain 5 tracks of brutal Hellenic black metal and will have a running of app. 40 minutes. Expect it in the very late autumn.

The Nar Mataron/Vorphalack split-cd will titled "The Nekromanteion Manifesto" and will be released in the beginning of October through In Vision Musik. Special appearences from Kawir members are promised, It will be a total killer, I'm sure.

Asphodel has released a mini-cd called "Floatin in nowhere" which follows up in the quite same direction as their great "Loom of Sounds" demo.

Dark Nova has released a cd called "1999 (a step beyond...?)" where they perform their groovy half death metal.

The news from Black Lotus Records is that Terra Tenebrae with Gothmog from Thou Art Lord has released their debut-cd "Subconscious". Also the powerthrashers Phantomlord has released their debut "In Twilight World" which is fucking great album. And last years doom surprise Swan Christy has released a great follow up to their debut. The new cd is called "Today Died Yesterday" and as usual there are great musicians, killing vocals and themost unbelievable solos you've ever heard (almost anyway)!

The new Exhumation cd which was record in Fredman Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden will be releases Novemember 2, again under Holy Records. It will be titled "Traumaticon" and will include 9 songs (+2 bonus tracks for the Japanese version).

Vorphalack have finished 7 new tracks for their forthcoming Cd "Blasfhmh Epopoiia" (Blasphemic epus). The new tracks will be more in the vein of the second side of the mini-lp "In Memory" with lots of keyboard parts and intros in every song. The band signed to In Vision Musik for the release of the split-cd and for the release of their next cd. The split-cd of Vorphalack/Nar Mataron will be released during September-October 1999 through In Vision Musik.

The new Nar Mataron songs are now recorded and mixed.

Latest news from Vorphalack is that there will be a split cd of Vorphalack and Nar Mataron. It will be released through In Vision Music and the Vorphalack part will be the same songs as on the totally killing mini-lp "In Memory...".

Nightfall's new killer album "Diva Futura" should have been released the 12th of May so it should be out now.

Varathron is back!!! The band has recently released a mini-cd called "The Lament of Gods" on the Polish label Pagan Records. The album consists of four new tracks and a cover of Mercyful Fate's "Nuns have no fun". The Varathron are still Varathron style black metal with nice riffs and powerful arrangements. Now we only have to await the full-length.

Exhumation now also have got an Offical Fan Club. For more information send a self-addressed envelope and 1 IRC to the following address:

Official Exhumation Fan Club
Sophia Christodoulidou
Pontou 101
55132, Kalamaria

Exhumation have booked two weeks in the highly acclaimed Fredman Studio in Gothenburg/Sweden for the recordings of the third album. The recordings will be during late August to early September this year, and it will be out on the market in December through Holy Records. The bands latest album titled Dance Across The Past has been also released under license in Japan by Marquee Inc. This album is already in charts of the Burrn! magazine.

The MACABRE OMEN/GODBLOOD split 7" is now sold out... a new pressing might take place in the near future! Also for MACABRE OMENbeware of the split 7" with WALHALLA (Finland) via German Vanitas prod. Around july also be aware of the split with JUDAS ISCARIOT/KRIEG/ETERNAL MAJESTY via French Spikekult rec. All these releases include new MACABRE OMEN hymns...

The great black metallers CHAINED AND DESPERATE have fininished the recordings of their debut cd. It will be released after the summer and the title will probabaly be "Eleven Angles in a Circle".

Veteran black metal masters VORPHALACK has finished writing seven new songs. Yet are no titles revealed...

The Cypriotic metal group DIPHTHERIA will be included on a Iron Maiden Tribute Double CD titled "Children of the Damned" released through Italian company Adrenaline Records. All groups will play one cover and one own song. Most of the groups come frome USA but there's also Swedish, German and Indian(!) groups too.

KAWIR has released their new cd on Storm Productions. It's called "Epoptia" and is very extreme black metal with a lot of keyboards. The lyrics are now in English but still deals with Hellenic matters. Also KAWIR has recorded new material for a mini-cd. No date for release yet. After this mini-cd the band will change their name and musicstyle. That's a pity for all of who likes the wonderful music of KAWIR.

VORPHALACK has released a new mini-lp on Melancholy Promotion and their sideproject Nar Mataron (Not Naer Mataron, that's another band) will probably release a demo or a 7" soon too.

WAMPYRINACHT with members from VORPHLACK has released a mini-lp. It is called "The Cloven Hoof".

DAIMONIA NYMPHI (side project of FIENDISH NYMPH) has now released their lp "O Bakxikos xopos to nymphon" which is one piece of weird beautiful music. Really good actually.

SWAN CHRISTY's second cd is scheduled for release in the end of March.

The thrashers EPIDEMIC has changed their name to DESCEND and under this name they have recently released the cd "Beond thy realms of throes" on Black Lotus Records.

The great Death Metal band from Marousi, HORRIFIED has been signed to Black Lotus Records and has recently released the cd "Animal" which is technical death metal in their own original way.

ON THORNS I LAY will release their third full length "Crystal Tears" any day now. As usual on the french Holy Records.

NIGHTFALL's new full-length will probably be called "Diva Futura".

VORPHALACK will soon have their Official homepage out on the net created by Evil Greek Productions. The ones who has given you O CHOROS and HYDRA's Official homepage. If you have a Greek Metal band don't hesitate to contact us and we'll make a webpage for you... send a mail with your questions and suggestions to:

NIGHTFALL has now released their new mini-cd entitled "Electronegative" and the result KILLS!!! Absolutely their best effort up to date. Efthimis does not sing deathy anymore instead rather in a more clean/powermetal way. Also some line-up changes has happened. Now it's only to wait for their full-length cd.

GREAT NEWS!!! The Elite Black Metal group LEGION OF DOOM have been signed to Darker Than Black Records. They will first re-release their last cd "For Those of The Blood" with completely different layout and in digipak. Also Aithir the vocalist/drummer of Naer Mataran has joined LEGION OF DOOM as a drummer. A new full length cd is to be expected in the summer. The reason why they didnīt continue with Hypervorea recs is that Hypervorea records said that they couldnīt work with nazi-bands.

The metal group from Larissa; LETHARGY will soon release their debut cd on Throne Productions.

NIGHTFALL will soon release their new EP "Electronegative" as ususal on Holy Records. Also they have recorded a videoclip.

ROTTING CHRIST'S new full length album "Sleep of the Angels" is now out. It contains ten new tracks in the same vein as the last album "A Dead Poem". Also a free Century Media cd is given away with the first eight thousand copies. A mini-cd with ROTTING CHRIST containing two new tracks and five livetracks is also out. check that out!

The Pagan black metallers FIENDISH NYMPH has a released a 7" vinyl single called "The Sibyl of Elikona" which contains two tracks of great Hellenic Black Metal. This is a must, buy. Also the side-project of FIENDISH NYMPH; DAIMONIA NYMPHI will release their dubut full length Lp which is supposed to be purely ritual/ancient "music played by the muses, sang by the nymphs and danced by the dryads". I'm sure it will KILL!!!

HORIZONS END has released their cd "Sculpture On Ice" which is something of power/progressive metal mix with songs timing up to 16(!) minutes. Anyway it is really good and the musicians are very good.

SEPTIC FLESH has released their "Eldest Cosmonaut" video-clip together with a mini-cd which contains four songs. This boxed set is limited to 3000 copies so hurry up.

BLOODCULT, a side project with members from MEDIEVAL DEMON have released their debut-cd "Nights Plutonian Shore". The music is in a goth-doom metal way.

THE ELYSIAN FIELDS has released their second full-length cd, now on Wicked World Records. Itīs called "We the Enlightened" and itīs still high quality death/black metal which is performed. I guess I would call it quite DISSECTION influenced, but maybe even more extreme than the Swedes.

O CHOROS - The Greek Metal Resource has a new e-mail address due to problems with the old one. The new one is:

Death Metallers EXHUMATION has released their second cd, now on Holy Records. Itīs called "Dance Across the Past" and lasts for 40 minutes. Kimberly Goss, who was the former vocalist of ANCIENT performs some singing on the cd too. Also a cover of SEPULTURA's "Territory" is included.

GODBLOODīs debut cd will be called "Those Funeral Times".

LETHARGY, the doom/goth/death rockers from Edessa has been signed by Throne Productions.

WANTED! Nightfall "Lesbian Show" on guitar tab. If someone has tabbed anything from this record or know if someone else has done please mail me.

Also, Throne Productions has recently released the debut cd of metal group SEASONS OF WITHER called "Under the Spell of a Sting Moon".

Cypriotic Blackmetal group GODBLOOD is in the studio right now recording their debut cd. It will be released on the singer Deceasedīs company Throne Productions.

EXHUMATION has been signed by Holy Records, the French label who also has SEPTIC FLESH, ON THORNS I LAY and NIGHTFALL.

Eskarth the Dark One of AGATUS/ZEMIAL recently told me: "...Also, for your information (and for the visitors) Hypervorea records have ripped-off both AGATUS & ZEMIAL. We have not received a cent from either of the CD's and it is really sad because one of the guys who ran the label is a close friend."

Great Black Metal group DEVISER has recently released their follow up to their marvellous debut cd. The new record is called "Transmission to Chaos".

Black Lotus Records has now released the debut cdīs of black metallers NAER MATARON, female black metallers ASTARTE and the goth rockers SWAN CHRISTY.

AGATUS has recently released "Rite of Metamorphosis" 7"ep through the Australian "Order of Death" Productions in Melbourne. Limited edition marble colour vinyl. colour cover (lay-out), lyric insert and sticker.

ZEMIAL are working on a new 7"ep and a limited edition picture disk through a German label. Full length LP is also on its way.

ODES OF ECSTASYīs debut CD on The End Records was about to be released today, June 9th.

ORDER OF THE EBON HANDīs debut CD "The Mystic Path to the Netherworld" is now available in SWEDEN. The outfit plays hyperspeed black metal with influences from the scandinavian scene.

Black metallers NAR MATARON with members from Vorphalack will release a CD soon.

Demonion Productions has released a 7" split with MACABRE OMEN (Rhodes) and GODBLOOD (Cyprus). It costs $6/1200 drs and can be ordered from Demonion Productions, look after the address in the MACABRE OMEN interview.

SEPTIC FLESH has finally re-released their EP-classic "The temple of the lost race". The record which goes under the name of "A fallen temple" also include some new material, so be sure to check it out. Iīve reviewed this album in the reviews section of O Choros

ZEPHYROUSī long awaited follower to their demo "Entrance and wandering on the seven zones" is released. Itīs a mini-CD called "A caress of war and wisdom" and thereīs a big musical change since their earlier work.