Necromantia - They sure know what to be proud for
Did you think that I had forgotten about Necromantia? Not a chance! This Osmose band has a personal sound thanks to that they don´t use any guitars except for the solos and the acoustic parts. Instead they use 8-string basses which give a raw, primitive sound. Talking about solos and the acoustic guitar this guy who plays it is fucking amazing. On their second full-length CD "Scarlet Evil Witching Black" there is almost solos in every song and all are amazing with sweeping, hammer ons and pulloffs etc. There is also 8-string bass solos handled by Baron Blood. And everyone should know that this is M.W. Daoloth´s band where he sings and plays the regular 4-string bass. Necromantia´s music is epical and especially their latest effort, the mini-CD "Ancient Pride" is mighty. And their use of saxophone and flute handled by Yiannis is real good. The line-up completes with Inferno - synth/piano. The drumming is extremely good and it is handled by George Panou even though I think it sounds like computer drums... Anyway it fits with the furious speed of drumming together with raw sounds of the basses and the whirling keyboards that´s lying over everything.