Here is a little index of what greek metal I own. If anyone is interested in trading or selling greek metal send a mail with your music-list to: Here we go...


GREEK METAL : cd's, lp's, singles, demos, dubbed tapes:

ACID DEATH - "Apathy Murders Hope", 7" vinyl single
ACID DEATH/AVULSED - "Misled/Deformed Beyond Belief", split vinyl lp
ACID DEATH - "Pieces of Mankind", cd

AFTERMATH - "Eyes of Tomorrow", cd

AGATUS - "Night of the Dark Ages", demo, tape
AGATUS - "Dawn of Martyrdom", cd

AIMOPTYSI - "Searching the Myths of the Past", cd

ANGELO PERLEPES - "Mystery", cd

ASPHODEL - "The Loom of Sounds", demo, tape
ASPHODEL - "Floatin' in Nowhere", mini-cd

ASTARTE - "Doomed Dark Years", cd
ASTARTE - "Rise From Within", cd

BACCHIA NERAIDA - "Dionysos", demo, tape
BACCHIA NERAIDA - "Ermis", demo, tape
BACCHIA NERAIDA - "To The Twelve Gods Of Olympus", demo, tape

BESTIAL WRATH/LEGION OF DOOM - "The Circle/Passage Through...", Split 7" vinyl single

BLOODBANNER - "Ergangzungs Jagdgruppe Sud", demo, tape

THE BLOODCULT - "A Rosemary Odour", demo, tape
THE BLOODCULT - "Night's Plutonian Shore", cd

CELESTIAL SCREAM - "Haec Dies", demo-cd

CERNUNNOS - "Dasos Ton Tragopodaron Daimonon", demo, tape
CERNUNNOS - "Ta Orychia Ton Nanon", demo, tape

CHAINED & DESPERATE - "Oracles From the Neitherworld", demo, tape
CHAINED & DESPERATE - "Eleven Angles in a Circle", cd

CIRCLE OF MUSHROOMS - "The Stored eyes of the things", demo, tape

CONDEMNATION - "Entering The Gates Of Doom", vinyl mini-lp,

CREMATE - "Enchanting Black Recess", 7" vinyl single

CRIMSON SUNSETS - "A Furore", demo, tape

CROMLECH - "The Fall of Christianity", demo-cd

DAEMONIA NYMPHE - "O Bakxikos Xoros Ton Nymphon", vinyl lp

DAIMON - "Dikhn Boos Pros Bolomon", demo, tape

DARKNESS EVE - "The art of Dying", demo-cd

DARK EMBRACE - "S/T", demo, tape

DARK NOVA - "1999 (A Step Beyond...?)", cd

DARK VISION - "Nocturnal Prowler", demo, tape

DEMENTIA - "Answer", cd

DEMOGORGON - "The Horned Moon", 7" vinyl single, limited edition

DESCEND - "Beyond Thy Realm of Throes", cd

DEVISER -"The Revelation of Higher Mysteries", 7" vinyl single
DEVISER - "Unspeakable Cults", cd
DEVISER - "Transmission to Chaos", cd

DIABOLOS RISING - "Blood, Vampirism, Sadism", vinyl lp, limited edition

DISHARMONY - "The Gate of Deeper Sleep", 7" red vinyl single

DRUTENTUS - "In Frigidis Silvis", demo, tape, limited edition w. special track
DRUTENTUS - "In Frigidis Silvis", demo, tape, re-release

ELFEN - "Minas Morgul", demo, tape

ELYSIAN FIELDS - "Adelain", cd
ELYSIAN FIELDS - "We the Enlightened", cd

EN GARDE - "Negative Self Image", 7" vinyl single
EN GARDE - "Comedia De L'Arte", cd

EPIDEMIC - "Industrial" vinyl lp

EREVOS - "Shadows of the Storming Nyx", demo, tape

ETERNAL WINTER - "Art, Romance, Poetry", demo, tape

ETHEREAL - "Om Santhi", cd
ETHEREAL - "Dominion", limited edition 10" vinyl

EXHUMATION - "Seas of Eternal Silence", cd
EXHUMATION - "Dance Across the Past", cd
EXHUMATION - "Traumaticon", cd

FIENDISH NYMPH - "The Sibyl of Elikona", 7" vinyl single

FLAMES - "Summon the Dead", vinyl lp
FLAMES - "Summon the Dead", cd
FLAMES - "Last Prophecy", cd
FLAMES - "In Agony Rise", cd

FUNERAL CHANT - "Entrance To Dimensions Unknown", demo, tape

GARDEN OF GODS - "Upon the Ethereal Skies of Heaven", demo 99, cd

GOATHRONE - "...For His Glory", demo, tape

GODBLOOD/MACABRE OMEN - "A Funeral", Spilt 7" vinyl single, limited edtion
GODBLOOD - "Those Funeral Times", cd

HORIZONS END - "Sculpture On Ice", cd

HORRIFIED - "Animal", cd

HATRED - "Eternal Rest In Peace", cd

HYDRA - 1996 one song promo, demo, tape
HYDRA - "Polemos", cd, limited edition
HYDRA - "Cursed Battlegrounds", cd, limited edition
HYDRA - "To Aima Emon", mini-cd
HYDRA - "To Misos Mesa", cd

HYPNOS - "Arcane Moon", demo, tape

INFECTED - "Infected", demo, tape

INVOCATION - "Ars Moriendi", demo, tape
INVOCATION/MEDIEVAL DEMON - "same title/Night of the Infernal Lords" vinyl single

IRON YOUTH -"Durch das volk, Mit dem volk, Für das volk", cd

JACKALS TRUTH - "Dominus Silvae", demo, tape

KAWIR - "Eumenides", 7" vinyl single
KAWIR - "Pros Kabeiros", cd, limited edtion (special bookcase)
KAWIR - "Epoptia", cd

LAMENTATION - "As Shadowkingdom Comes To My Sight", demo, tape
LAMENTATION - "Fullmon Over Faerhaaven", demo, tape

LEGION OF DOOM/BESTIAL WRATH - "Passage Through The Circle", Split 7" vinyl single
LEGION OF DOOM - "Kingdom of Endless Darkness", cd
LEGION OF DOOM - "For Those of the Blood", cd

LETHARGY - "The Dark Embrace of Silence", cd

LLOTH (now ASTARTE) - "Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil", demo, tape

MACABRE OMEN - "Olympus", demo, tape
MACABRE OMEN/GODBLOOD - "The Waltz of the Nereids...", Split 7" vinyl single, limited edtion

MEDIEVAL DEMON/INVOCATION - "Night of the Infernal Lords/same title", Split 7" vinyl single
MEDIEVAL DEMON - "Demonolatria", cd

NAER MATARON - "Up From the Ashes", cd
NAER MATARON - "Skotos Aenaon",cd

NAR MATARON - "Tales of the 12 Gods", demo, tape
NAR MATARON - "The Awakening of the Ancient Greece", demo, tape
NAR MATARON - "Promo Demo 1999", tape
NAR MATARON - "Kosmos", mini-cd

N.A.O.S. - "The Final Harvest", cd
N.A.O.S. - "The Final Harvest", vinyl lp, limited edition
N.A.O.S. - "Melancholia", cd
N.A.O.S. - "Communion", cd

NECROMANTIA/VARATHRON - "Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins", cd
NECROMANTIA - "From the Past We Summon Thee", mini-cd
NECROMANTIA - "Crossing the Fiery Path", cd
NECROMANTIA - "Scarlet Evil Witching Black", cd
NECROMANTIA - "Ancient Pride", mini-cd
NECROMANTIA - "Ancient Pride", vinyl mini-lp, limited edition
NECROMANTIA - "Malice", cd

NERGAL - "De Vermis Mysteriis", 7 vinyl single
NERGAL - "The Wizard of Nerath", cd

NIGHTFALL - "Parade Into Centuries", cd
NIGHTFALL - "Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine", 7" red vinyl single
NIGHTFALL - "Macabre Sunsets", cd
NIGHTFALL - "Eons Aura", mini-cd
NIGHTFALL - "Athenian Echoes", cd
NIGHTFALL - "Lesbian Show", cd
NIGHTFALL - "Lesbian Show" Box with video, cd/vhs, limited edtion
NIGHTFALL - "Electronegative", mini-cd
NIGHTFALL - "Anthems of the Night", mini-cd (from Metal Hammer)
NIGHTFALL - "Diva Futura", limited edition, digipack-cd

NOCTURNAL HOWLING/ODES OF ECSTASY - "Never Again", Split 7" vinyl single
NOCTURNAL HOWLING - "Night, Our Everlasting Veil", demo, tape

OBSECRATION -"Oblivious...", 7" blue vinyl single
OBSECRATION - "The Inheritors of Pain", cd

OCHROS ISKIOS - "Promo -98", demo, tape

ODES OF ECSTASY/NOCTURNAL HOWLING - "Faithless", Split 7" vinyl single
ODES OF ECSTASY - "Embossed Dream in Four Acts", cd
ODES OF ECSTASY - "Deceitful Melody", cd

OLETHRIO RIGMA - "Fight For the Innocents", cd

ON THORNS I LAY - "Sounds of Beautiful Experience", cd
ON THORNS I LAY - "Orama", cd
ON THORNS I LAY - "Crystal Tears", cd

ORDER OF THE EBON HAND - "The Mystic Path to the Netherworld", cd

PIRANHA -"Cancer", 7" vinyl single
PIRANHA - "Worlds Grave", vinyl lp

PHANTOMLORD - "In Twilight World", cd

PHLEBOTOMY - "Dawn of Grief", 7" blue vinyl single

POWER CRUE - "Stay Heavy", cd

POWERSTORM - "The Coming", demo-cd

PROFANATIKA - "Weeping in Heaven", demo, tape

RAISM - "The Very Best of Pain", mini-cd
RAISM - "Aesthetic Terrorism", cd

ROTTING CHRIST - "Satanas Tedeum", cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Satanas Tedeum", pictured vinyl lp, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST/MONUMENTUM - Split 7" vinyl single, very rare limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST/MONUMENTUM - Split 12" pictured vinyl maxi single, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "Dawn of Iconoclast", 7" vinyl single, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "Passage to Arcturo", mini-cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Apokathilocis", 7" vinyl single
ROTTING CHRIST - "Ade's Winds...", demo, tape
ROTTING CHRIST - "Thy Mighty Contract", cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Thy Mighty Contract", new artwork pictured vinyl lp, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "Non Serviam", cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Non Serviam", pictured vinyl lp, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "Triarchy of the Lost Lovers", cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Triarchy of the Lost Lovers", vinyl lp
ROTTING CHRIST - "The Mystical Meeting", 10" pictured vinyl, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "A Dead Poem", cd
ROTTING CHRIST - "Der Perfekte Traum", mini-cd, limited edition
ROTTING CHRIST - "Sleep of the Angels", double-cd, limited edition

SADISTIC NOISE - "The Crush of Heaven", 7" red vinyl single
SADISTIC NOISE - "A Decade in the Grave", cd

SATELLIGHT - "Reflection", tape

THE SEASONS OF WITHER - "Under the Spell of the Sting Moon", cd

SELEFICE - "Where Is the Heaven", cd

SEPTICEMIA - "Sabbath Coneventions", vinyl lp,

SEPTIC FLESH - "Temple of the Lost Race", vinyl mini-lp, limited edition
SEPTIC FLESH - "Mystic Places of Dawn", cd
SEPTIC FLESH - "Esoptron", cd
SEPTIC FLESH - "Ophidian Wheel", cd
SEPTIC FLESH - "A Fallen Temple", cd
SEPTIC FLESH - "The Eldest Cosmonaut", Box with video, mini-cd/vhs, limited edition
SEPTIC FLESH - "Revolution DNA", cd
SEPTIC FLESH - "Forgotten Paths (The early days)", cd, limited to 5000 copies

SWAN CHRISTY - "One With the Swan", cd
SWAN CHRISTY - "Today Died Yesterday", cd

TATIR - "Fons Acheroni", demo, tape

TERRA TENEBRAE . "Subconscious", cd

THORN - "Memories", demo, tape

THOU ART LORD - "Diabolou Archaes Legeones", 7" vinyl single
THOU ART LORD/ANCIENT RITES - "Pera Apo Ton Tafo", Split 7" red vinyl single
THOU ART LORD - "Eosforos", cd
THOU ART LORD - "Apollyon", cd

TWILIGHT - "...And With the Twilight, They Return", cd

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL - "Archgoat Incantation", demo, tape

URANUS - "The Clang of Lances", signed demo, tape,
URANUS - "Heathendome 1999", cd

WAMPYRE SHADOW WOLF - "Wampyricon", cd,

WAMPYRINACHT - "The Cloven Hoof", vinyl mini-lp, limited edition

VARATHRON - "One Step Beyond dreams", 7" vinyl single, limited edition
VARATHRON/NECROMANTIA - "Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins", cd
VARATHRON - "His Majesty at the Swamp", cd
VARATHRON - "Walpurgisnacht", cd
VARATHRON - "Genesis of Apocryphal Desire", cd
VARATHRON - "The Lament of Gods", mini-cd

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Beyond the Grave", vinyl lp
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Io Bakxe Eyoi Rapsodia A", tape
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Io Bakxe Eyoi Rapsodia B", tape
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Hammer Holocaust III", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Heavy Livin'", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Hellas Salutes the Vikings, tribute to BATHORY", tape
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "The Holy Bible", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "The Monsters of Rockwave Festival part I (LIVE)", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Mortal Mutation", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Out of the Dark - Live Compilation", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Psyclone Sinphonies", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Warzone V", cd
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Warzone XV", cd

WILDWIND - "demo", tape

VORPHALACK - "Under the Sight of Dragon", 7" vinyl single
VORPHALACK/ZEPHYROUS - Split Vinyl lp, limited edition
VORPHALACK - "In Memory...", vinyl mini-lp, limited edition

ZEMIAL - "Sleeping Under Tartarus", 7" pink vinyl single
ZEMIAL - "For the Glory of UR", mini-cd
ZEMIAL - "For the Glory of UR", cd, re-release with bonus tracks

ZEPHYROUS - "Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones", cd
ZEPHYROUS/VORPHALACK - Split Vinyl lp, limited edition
ZEPHYROUS - "A Caress of War and Wisdom", mini-cd
ZEPHYROUS - "Towards...", cd