Here is the Link-section of O CHOROS where you can find more interesting webpages on the Hellenic metal subject. Also if you have made any Hellenic or Cypriotic metal related webpages please mail the link to and I´ll put it up here.

Hellenic bands homepages:

Airged Lamh Offical homepage about a power/epic/folk metal band

Armageddon A webpage about a metal band from Cyprus formed in 1985

Astarte A webpage about the female black metal band

Bacchia Neraida/Cernunnos A webpage about all of Cernunnos of Kerkyra's projects

Chained and Desperate A webpage about the great black metal band

Deathrow A webpage under construction about a Cypriotic black metal band

Dementia A webpage under construction about metal band from Kalamata

Descend Official Homepage of the powerful thrashers once known as Epidemic

Deviser Official homepage of this fantastic black metal band

Diphtheria Official homepage of this Cypriotic power metal band

Elysian Fields A homepage about this great band

Exhumation Official homepage of the very powerful Death Metal band

Fiendish Nymph/Daemonia Nymphe Official homepages for the really great bm band and their other project

Goathrone Homepage abou the sideproject of Voreas and Necrolord

Godblood Official homepage of this Cypriotic Cult thrash/bm band

Hydra Official homepage of the pagan black metal band

Hypnos Homepage of this H.P Lovecraft tributing black metal band

Jackal's Truth Official homepage of this quite new black metal band

Legion of Doom Official homepage about the best N.S. black metal band around

Macabre Omen Official homepage about the Rhodian black metallers

Nar Mataron Official homepage of the true Ancient Hellenic Pagan Black Metal band

Nightfall Official homepage of one the mightiest metal bands out of Hellas today

Odes Of Ecstasy Offical homepage about the atmospheric death metal band

Rotting Christ Official homepage of the kings of all extreme metal

Vorphalack Official homepage of this Cult Veteran black metal band

Hellenic and Cypriotic metal scene pages:

Hades Good webpage with a lot of links and addresses related to Hellenic death and black metal

Metal In Cyprus A webpage dedicated to Cypriotic metal scene

Hellenic and Cypriotic Labels and Distros:

Adenon Distribution Good distro with a lot of stuff

Demonion Productions The Rhodian company and distro

Throne Productions A Cypriotic label and distribution company

Hellenic and Cypriotic 'Zines:

Frozen Hell The same man behind Adenon distro

Forgotten Memories Great webzine by Nikos Economakis

Metal Invader A paper'zine now also on the internet

Altars of Metal Very nice webzine with powerful contents and powerful graphics

Metal Zone Great webzine

Seventh Sign A free proffessional a paper'zine now on the web

Tombstone Greek webzine with a lot of mainstream metal news and info

Webzine Metalzin Webzine from the man behind the Hades webpage

Other Greek Metal related links:

Morbid Links Very many metal links

Hieroglyph A great webpage about all kinds of metal and they have a good newsletter too

Other Metal links:

Mega's Metal Asylum Best metal page on the net with thousands of links

Sauron Official homepage to the Swedish black metal masters Sauron who also have a Greek guitarist, Yeah!

Dark Shades Official homepage of this German black metal band

Colombian Metal Web All information about the uprising metal scene in Colombia

Winter Night Overture Official homepage of this true Estonian antichristian black metal band

Andy's Corner The essential guide to the Swedish metal scene

Hosselton's Heavy Metal page The best webpage about Glamrock on the net

Siebenbürgen The Official homepage of the best Swedish black metal band right now