Here is an interview with the mighty band ZEPHYROUS, taken from one of the best īzines in Europe; Metallian, issue 21 fall 1997. By Laurent Michelland.

ZEPHYROUS' follower to "Entrance and wandering on the seven zones" is as great as unexpected. The band now present a kind of unreal black metal vertigo, that gradually moves towards splendid and graceful thrills. Through their illustrative richness, ZEPHYROUS has become a machine to dream...

What are the reasons for such lengthy period of time between your debut album and "A caress of war and wisdom"?

The most important reason was that one member moved to another town far from Athens where the other members live. We also have a new member, Panos, with whom we work all music with but heīs in Athens too. Another reason is that our music begun to change due to the new memberīs contribution and our musical progress. So we had to realize the change that was happening and couldnīt record anything before being sure about the musical direction we were going to follow.

There is now something like a taste for ancestral, surrealist, and avant-garde atmospheres in your musical creation...
We guess you can call us surrealists because the main reason for which we play music is the expression of our true selves, of our subconcious We try to reduce logical control and aesthetic confinements at the minimum, in order to achieve this. Yet there are exceptions to that rule in those few cases in which thereīs the intention to tell (by music or lyrics) something specific. As this is our first try in that direction, we donīt claim to have already achieved to express freely our subconcious, but we have created - for us - mirror of ourselves.

ZEPHYROUS have a very personal and mysterious sound: a kind of of poetic solitude passing from bewitchment to disillusion, with an attempt to reflect the hidden abysses...
Itīs true that we have now a personal sound! The feeling you describe as solitude is for us the feeling which comes from the beauty of life, and itīs not depressing at all. There are only a few melancholic feelings in our music in order to keep a balance. We praise the power of life.

In terms of artistic approach, do you think to live with elegance means to compose with the same perfection?
It depends on why do you compose music. if itīs not in order to make money, but just for mirroring your soul, then it depends on if you live that way because itīs your natural way of expression. If it is, it will probably be reflected in the music.

Is the "A caress of war and wisdom" mini CD a forerunner sign of your second full length release?
The album weīre recording these days moves on the same direction as of the mini CD. The vocals remain in most parts black metal, but the music is too progressive to be labelled that way.