Here´s an interview with mighty TATIR. Taken from ANCIENT TRAGEDY ´zine 1. Even though it is rather old (1996) it contains some interesting reading about those blacksters.

Ancient is a subject that many bands (and especially black metal bands) refer in their lyrics. TATIR is one of them. Filid of Carpathian forest, the drummer of the band and future editor of Ancient Tragedy ´zine (Yeah!!!) answers our questions for the past, present and future of the band.

Tell us with a few words the bio of the band.
The band was formed in June `94 by Hierophant and Ancient Follower. After a few months, Ancient Follower left the band. In February `95 TATIR became a two - member group again, with the addition of Filid of Carpathian forest on drums. In June `95 TATIR, with a session guitarist Necrolord, recorded their first demo called "Dark Autumn Nights". After this recording Necrolord stayed stable in the band. In November `95 TATIR entered the studio again, with the addition of Lord Necrorium on flute, recording the promo tape "Fons Acheroni" which was released in June `96. This time TATIR is working on some new stuff which will be released in a full length CD called "TRAGWN WDI". probably released in November.

In your demo "Dark Autumn Nights", you used session musicians. Are they stable members now?
As I said before Necrolord and Lord Necrorium are stable members and we also have a new guitarist Jim.

Tell us about "Fons Acheroni". Are you satisfied with it?
Yes we are satisfied because everyone gave all his power and insoiration, so "Fons Acheroni" came true. We were at the studio for 4 months and we tried a lot, to do it as perfect as possible.

How did it come to have Panos Sounas to do the artwork and draw the covers of your two demos?
We have seen his work on NECROMANTIA´s "Crossing the Fiery Path" and other more, so we found his phone number. Nothing more! The sure is that Panos Sounas will do all the covers of TATIR.

In your promo tape you used flute. Will you use it again in your future releases?
Yes, because we believe that flute is a very nice instrument for black metal and for the music of TATIR. It also gives a very nice feeling for the lyrics.

Talking about your future releses, what are you future plans?
We started to work on our first full CD, on May we will enter the studio and we believe that the CD will be finished in September.

Where do you lyrics refer to?
The lyrics hymn the ancient Greek mysticism and talk about ceremonies to the ancient Greek gods. Have you given any gigs?
No, but we are planning to do some lives after the release of the CD.

What´s your opinion about the Greek scene, and the underground black metal scene in general?
The greek scene is still underground but there are many groups which worth some attention by the labels and the fans. The European scene unfortunately has a lot of poser groups surrounded by assholes all over the world.

Something for the end?