Here is an interview with an upcoming band; the Rhodian black metallers MACABRE OMEN who recently released a 7" under their own label Daimonion Productions. I have written this interview myself and Evil Dark answer my questions

HAIL EVIL DARK! Whatīs up on Rhodes a day like this, sunny?
Aye it is! I just got back from the cold and northern England (I`m studying there) and came to this hell! I need to get used to the weather changes! I really prefer cold weather!

What is happening with MACABRE OMEN. Long since I heard I any news from your band, any new releases planned?
Well, our long awaited split 7" with GODBLOOD is just out via my label DEMONION Prod! It costs 6$ / 1200drs. It`s better than Olympus, with a better sound but still not good enough. On the other hand this song is more than 1 1/2 year old! Our new songs are a hell better trust me!

How did you decide to form a group like MACABRE OMEN? tell about the history of the band!
Well, I wanted to play music so I had to make a band! MACABRE OMEN was formed in August 1994 by Evil Dark and Mournful and hails from Hellas` "Isle of The Sun" - mainly known as Rhodes. Till now they have released "Secrets of the Moonlight" Demo `94 (sold - out), "Before Darkness..." Demo `95" (sold - out) and "Olympus" Promo `96 (still available). From all these releases, only "Olympus" is the one that represents the band right now!!! The music that MACABRE OMEN plays could be described as melodic and mystical Rhodian black metal. The present line - up (after a lot of changes) is: Alexander (Evil Dark) - vocals, guitars Nikos (Mournful) - vocals, bass

How did the sales of "OLYMPUS" go? What was the response? Any record companies that were interested in quality Rhodian Black Metal?
Fuck! Olympus sold over 450 copies! that`s cool I guess! I don`t really like that demo anymore! Some labels showed interested but needed more songs to listen to! Time shall tell...

Have you ever done any gigs, or have you planned to do any?
No, not a single gig! I don`t think we`ll ever do any! The audience here is a bit shitty!

What about your Ancient Tragedy īzine? Any new numbers on their way? How has the response been?
Well, #2 is out and still sells... I really don`t have time to release another one! Although I want to. maybe in the future i will... If I will though it will be pro printed!

What are your influences?
I dunno!!! I leave it on to the audience... hehehe!

What is so great about the Greek scene?
I think that the hellenic scene has got a lot of bands which have a big variation of music styles!

What groups do you listen to?
A lot... I listen to a lot of kinds of music! Black metal, death metal, heavy metal, atmospehric / dark / ambient etc stuff! Some folk, soundtrack music. Classical music etc! It`s hard to name all these bands!

Tell us something about DEMONION Prod.
Well, as i said the 7" of macabre omen is just out from my label! Soon 2 more 7" shall be released! i also released 10 demos from bands like LETHARGY, KEEP OF KALESSIN, MARTYRUM, GOATHRONE, DRUTENTUS, HYPNOS etc! KEEP OF KALESSIN just released cd from Avant Garde! It kicks ass!

Something to the end...
Nothing! Thanx a lot for yer support... continue to support the true underground... I think that it`s quite easy! There`s not much left!!!

c/o Alex Antoniou, Agiou Ioannou 6, Kremasti 85104, Rhodes / Hellas