INVOCATION is a quite familliar name from the hellenic black metal scene. Here´s an interview done by Nikos Economakis of FORGOTTEN MEMORIES 'zine.

Friend Nick where have been Invocation so long? What are you preparing?
If we exclude the fact that we haven't got any new release I don't think we were lost from the scene. We just gave more weight to the rehearsals and the recording of our new material which is now ready. We have 9 songs recorded and we are quite satisfied with them.

Did your promo helped you sign a contract?
M.W. Daoloth (FM note: The mastermind of Greek scene-Necromantia,Thou art lord many more-) who did the mix in our promo track "flowers from the grave" showed his interest and so we have a deal with his label Hypervorea records for one cd which if everything goes well will be out at spring '98. We however are satisfied with the promo and we believe it helped us

Talk about Invocation and their story till now
Invocation consists of George(guitar), Jim(guitar), Leonidas(bass), Andreas(piano) and Nikos (drums-vocals). We were formed in '92 after the demise of Sacrilegious Corpse (black metal band) where Andreas and Leonidas played. In '94 we entered the studio and released a split 7" with Medieval Demon and a demo under the title "Ars Moriendi".In '96 we released a promo and started working on new stuff for our first cd that will be released at spring '98.

Which groups have influenced you?
I can't say we had some specific influences as group since five different persons is natural to have different tastes and influences. We listen to many different kinds and this can be understood in our music which has many elements from many different species of metal.

Did the fans helped you?
There has been much interest and our releases in a few time will finish, of course some friends with zines and compilations helped us a lot.

Well ,the truth is that you are one of the most promising bands hailing from Greece. What about outside Greece? Are Invocation known?
The whole try of promotion is done with letters and as you can understand we have managed many things in this chaos situation which today's underground scene is. Of course we were presented in some zines and compilation but few things.

Let's change our subject a while: how do you see internet as a net of information, do you believe that is good for the bands?
Generally, I don't know much about internet and technology. However, I do believe that is very helpful for groups as with it there has been born a new underground scene.

Greek groups: advantages, disadvantages, which bands stand out?
Advantages: the honor to be Greek, besides a few exceptions we have created our own style and sound, and there are many good groups in different fields of metal.Disadvantages:few labels,bad promotion and unfortunately the foreign labels which are afraid to sign Greek groups. As for the groups, that which I go very much and come to my mind at this time are: LEGION OF DOOM, NAR MATARON, TWILIGHT.. PURE HELLENIC BLACK ART!

Many times people rip groups off, a very recent example being KAWIR with dark side(FM note: I mixed up with this label, many people tell me that there were bastards,but some other say that they closed and didn't put out the things they promised so it was not their fault.So I have to apologize as I have to search it more).Did you have any problem with your cooperation with Dark side.
With our 7" and Dark side we had no problem.. however with "ars moriendi" we had a lot. It was supposed to come out from an italian label but for one year they were joking us,and so we released it we ourselves with a lot of delay,unfortunately there will be always assholes in the scene... from that point is just luck to avoid them

What are your other interests besides Invocation?
I'm mainly interested with whatever has to do with metal and I try to spend as much time I can alone. I like this.. moreover I play drums in some other groups while I also write to some zines. My life is metal and underground.

What groups do you listen to?
Whatever has to do with metal but mainly death/black. Some of my favorites are: VENOM, CELTIC FROST, EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, RAZOR, RIGOR MORTIS, SLAYER, SAMAEL, MY DYING BRIDE, MERCILESS, MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, VED BUENS ENDE, GORGOROTH and of course the most hated band in the world, namely DARK THRONE.

Somewhere here we finish.. Thanks Nick for the interview and for your support. Good luck with your effort,if someone want to contact just write to: NIKOS TSOVILIS, T.K.48061, OROPOS PREVEZAS, GREECE. The last copies of the demo and our 7' cost 800 drh/5$ and 900 drh/5$ respectively.