Hydra - Dust Dealing Metal from the shores of Styx.
As this is my own band I wont promote it, Iīll just tell you a little about our music. Hydra was formed in 1995 by me (Iskios) - guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and Linus "Dusk" Ekstrom of Siebenburgen, Into Desolation - drums. In the beginning we played downtuned primitive death-black metal with raw and screamy vocals. Later it turned more melodic but still the grim sound was there. In 1996 we didnīt rehearse much so we laid the project on ice as we both had our other bands to think about. The only recordings from the first era are poor quality rehearsal stuff. I continued to make music though even tough we didnīt rehearse. And after some time I started program drums on the computer and then record some stuff with only one guitar and vocals + the computer drums. From this era three songs are recorded with various sound quality. Nowadays Iīm looking for a drummer so that we could enter the studio for recording. A fun fact about the pic of me (Iskios) in front of our rehearsal place: Both Swedish blacksters Dark Funeral and the deathblacksters A Canarous Quintet are rehearsing there... Evil enough huh?