Horizon's End - Progressive Power Metal
This is really good metal I must say even if I'm no fan of this kind of metal. But I like this. The first that comes to your mind is the brilliant musicians which are so awesome. They all play like gods their guitar solos, drum beats, bass-lines and the fantastic keyboard parts. Not to forget the excellent powerful vocals. I don't what they have released through the years. I have only heard their 1998 "Sculpture on ice" cd though a German label. This is quite progressive with many weird inlays and things. But they have not lost that power metal feel that many band do when they try explore this genre. Good work. Some folk influences can be heard too, which is always nice. Also one remarkable thing is the length of songs. Sometimes they're even over sixteen (!) minutes without being boring. The men that gives you this wonderful music are: George Strapatsas - lead vocals, Theodore Gotsis - bass/fretless bass/violin, Sakis Bandis - keyboards/vocals, Chris Kostas - electric and acoustic guitars, Stergios Kourou - drums and percussion.