Flames - Classic Thrash Metal
I think Flames started out in 1983 - 1984 or something. But Iīm not sure. As Greece never has been any real thrash-country Iīve havenīt listened so much to the Greek thrash scene. Instead Iīve been into the German thrash scene with Kreator as my heroes! Anyway I think they have released seven records 1986:s "Made in Hell", 1987:s "Merciless Slaughter", 1988:s "Live in the Slaughter House", 1989:s "Summon the Dead", 1990:s "Last Prophecy", 1992:s "Nommen Illi Mors" and the latest "In Agony Rise" which was released in 1997. I have only heard half of all these records but I tell you itīs pure true thrash metal as it was meant to be.