Fiendish Nymph - Hellenic Pagan Glory
Fiendish nymph were formed in the end of the year 1992 under a pagan moon night to call upon the nymphs in the woods to a mesmering dance. The purpose of its existence was to summon the mystical apocryphal atmosphere of the ancient hellenic pagan past. In order to achieve that the band creates sentiments and pictures to the listener of an era of shining light that they embrace. The lyrics adore and praise the 12 gods of olympus and all other infernal divinities of ancient hellenic mythology as well as giving an extensive emphasis to the female godesses and deities like the nymphs of the woods and lakes and creating a mythological aspect as fiendish nymph is the queen of all nymphs, the one those demonic deities obey at her call! The music can be described as atmospheric pagan metal but also the band approaches the fields of ancient hellenic hymns with a style that can be described as music played by the gods, sung by the muses and the ancient spirits and danced by the nymphs. Latest news concerning the cult are first off their first official work in the format of a 7'' Ep called "the sibyl of elikona" out on solistitium rec from germany. It contains 2 hymns of atmospheric pagan metal combined with ancient hellenic ritualistic music. After the promotion of it the cult shall hit the studio to record their full complete work out on the same label. It shall be a masterpiece of ancient atmospheric ,symphonic pagan metal the heathenish archaio hellenic cult way :a summoning to the nymphs ,nereids ,tnaiades of the ancient woods & lakes to mesmeric, alluring ,ritualistic dances around the fire, under the selene ,infront of the sweet pan's flute and bachus tympanis (the song titles). I personally really like the music Fiendish Nymph performs. As it has very good riffs, beautiful female vocals and grim male ones. Also the use of the ancient sounding instruments gives the duo a personal touch. The line-up consist of two brothers; Pandelis and Spyridon Giasafakis. These two performs all the music and instruments except the female vocals which are laid by Domenica Manteli.