Exhumation - Sailing on the seas of eternal silence
I don´t know much about the history of this band but I´ll tell you what I know. First of all, Exhumation is a death metal and not a black one as the most of the bands covered at my site. Exhumation´s death metal is good and it sounds a lot like the Swedish one and the reason could be that their CD "Seas of Eternal Silence" was recorded at Unisound studios in Sweden with legendary Dan Swanö as producer. Mr Swanö also does some backing vocals on the title track of the CD. Their metal is extremely melodic with lots of nice melodies and riffs backed up by the great drumming of Pantelis. They also got some cool leads and that´s always welcome in a death metal song. But the thing that´s best and that you remember most is their bridges, in most songs they´ve got a bridge with a really good harmonic riff. That´s how we like death metal, huh? I haven´t heard any news from this band in a long time but I guess they will release a follower to their excellent debut sometime. By the way, It´s the rhythm guitarist Panos who wears that cool Morgoth shirt.