Ethereal - Hellhammerly Black Metal
Primitive. This is very, very, very primitive. Even I who usually like primitivity doesn't dig this. No In my taste this isn't too good. The band consists of: Vangelis - drums/percussion, Chris - guitars/bass, Anton - synth/voice. Ethereal has two offical releases. The first is their debut cd "Om Santhi" on Unisound Records and the second is a limited edition 10" maxi lp called "Dominion" on Unisounds underlabel Uniforce. And what does these releases sound like? Well what can I say? The first that comes to your mind when you hear Ethereal is the old legends Hellhammer. Quite remarkable influences I must say. If not see to the Hellhammer thing, this could have been really good. But I'm afraid that their not too good musicians so the music is not well-played and not too tight played too. Well some might like but I don't.