evilgreek's play list summer 2002.

1. CRYPTOPSY - "And then you'll beg", cd
Fukking blasting extreme death!

2. DEEP PURPLE - "Stormbringer", cd
Blackmore's riffs kills!

3. ZEMIAL - "For the glory of UR", cd
Classic Black metal!

4. GRAVELAND - "Creed of Iron", cd
The best album yet by this Polish band.

5. MÖTLEY CRÜE - "Theatre of pain", lp
Great album

6. SEPTIC FLESH - "Ophidian Wheel", cd
Might be their best.

7. BLOODBANNER - "Landesjaegerkorps", cd
Brutal extremity!!.

8. THE DEAD - "We are the dead", mini-cd
Old-school death metal.

9. LEGION OF DOOM/BESTIAL WRATH - "Passage...", 7" ep
One of the best ep's ever

10. FUNERAL FUKK - "Grrreatest Hits!", cd
Brutal blood core