Disharmony - In the gate of deeper sleep
A very old almost forgotten band which released a couple of demos before they through Molon Lave released the 7" "The Gate Of Deeper Sleep" which contains intro and outro and two great atmospheric and epic black metal tracks. After the 7" Disharmony was still hungry and wanted to continue with a full-length album but Molon Lave couldn't finance it so nothing happened. So they got bored and changed their name to The Renaissance Dance and released their "Promo -94", which also is atmospheric black metal but more ritualistic. After that their taste of music changed and they got bored of the black metal so they changed their music to a more pure metal way. Since then they have released two demos and a promotape. The demos are quite gothy but still with traces from their black metal era. The demos were quite good actually but I haven't heard the latest demotape. It's supposed to be strange. All I can add is that the members also have th "Sunken Cathedral 'zine". But I still hope for Disharmony early days reunion. Now please!