Deviser - Excellent unspeakable black metal
Deviser is a good band, everyone knows that. Their debut CD on mascot records "Unspeakable Cults" has everything you can imagine; excellent musican ship and riffing, excellent production and lyrics that you will remember. That´s good! Now with their second opus: "Transmission to Chaos" they´re less harmonic, but heavier and as good as before. The line-up consists of Matt Hnaras - vocals & rhythm guitar, Manos Hiotis - keyboards & lead guitar, Nick Christogianis - bass, Mike Tsempertzis - drums. The music is straight forward black metal with lots leads and keyboardwork. The vocals are in the usual black metal vein and they fit in good. All of you who have followed Deviser through the years have noticed that they´re always one step ahead their genre comrades both musically and in production. To all of you hasn´t heard Deviser yet (which would be quite strange, because of their musical excellency they have been featured on most hellenic compilation tapes), all I can say is that you should run down to your greek metal dealer and buy the masterpiece "Unspeakable Cults" or the great "Transmission to Chaos".