Descend - Thrash Metal is not dead
I don't know much about Descend... But once they were known as Epidemic. As many of you probably know there's also a bay-area death metal band called this. And the Yankies didn't like that the Greeks used the same name as they did, but the Greeks had their name for quite some time anyway. But later due to legal problems they changed to Descend. I have only heard Epidemic's "Industrial" lp and the new "Beyond thy realm of throes" cd by Descend. I suppose that they have recorded some lps earlier too. Anyway the biggest difference between Epidemic and Descend is the vocals. In Epidemic the vocals are more classic thrash/heavy metal while in Descend the vocals are more in a death/thrash way. The music is more powerful now and a little more dirty, but that's how thrash was meant to be. More info will be added soon.