Here is the side project of one of my favourite musicians from the Hellenic black metal scene; Demogorgon. As many of you probably know Demogorgon is also the guitarist of Legion of Doom and also together with L.W. Darkoan he has the Dark Occult Music project Wintergods. But here's his personal project which has his own name. And the music which is served is straight forward black metal with a lot keyboards and grim vocals. The only release of my knowledge is a 7" through Melancholy Promotion called "The Horned Moon". This seven inch contains two tracks, "The seal of the dragon" which is so great hellenic primitive black metal with loads of great keyboardwork. The other track "The Horned Moon" is a keyboard-only tune which is quite good, but it would would have been nice if this also was a black metal song as the other was so good. I hope that he will release something with this project again soon.