Daimonia Nymphi - Powerful hymns to the Gods of Olympus
Well this is really good. No metal at all though, only ancient instruments like drums, flute, pipes which probably laid by keyboard/synths, female and male vocals/recitations and classical acoustic guitar. This group is a project of the group Fiendish Nymph and Daimonia Nymphi means Fiendish Nymph in Greek, so it's a quite fitting name I guess. All the lyrics are hymns to the gods and the lyrics are all in Greek. I think that they only have one release, it's a lp called "O bakxikos xopos ton nymphon" through the german label Solstitium Records, which also is the label of Fiendish Nymph. The Music on the lp is extremely melodic but not to too complex, no it's quite basic actually, but Daimonia Nymphi show here that it doesn't have to be complex to be good. Check this out.