Bacchia Neraida
Bacchia Neraida is a darkwave/ambient/weird/pagan music project by a man from Kerkyra (Corfu) called Cernunnos. This man has a lot of projects, like Elfen which tolkien inspired synth black metal, and his own Cernunnos which I think sound quite the same like Bacchia Neraida. Well on this page I will concentrate on the project Bacchia Neraida. With Bacchia Neraida Cernunnos has released three demos: "Ermis", which I think is the best one, "Dionysos", also quite good and the latest effort "To the Twelve God of Olympus", this release a proprinted color cover and extra inlay. This last demo I don't like that much. Maybe it's too weird for me? Yes I must say that this is quite original. The first demos remind me a lot of Mortiis early work as on the latest he has found his own mor innovative style.