Astarte - Womens Rights
One thing is extremely remarkable about Astarte. You see the line-up consists of three women. Thatīs not so usual in todays Black Metal scene. In fact Astarte is the only all-female black metal group Iīve heard. And they say theyīre the first and Iīm ready to believe them. Then what does it sound like when three black leather clothed girls with spikes and swords try to play evil metal? Actually it sounds really really good. As good as their male genre-comrades I think. In some songs even better I guess. I think they had one demo out before they released their debut cd "Doomed Dark Years" on Black Lotus Records, the same company which also released the debut cdīs of Naer Mataron and Swan Christy. The music Astarte play is Scandinavian influenced primitive black metal with loads of keyboardwork, one and another clean guitar parts and not so fast drumming. One amusing thing is that you donīt hear that it is a girl who is screaming, no it sounds like the usual black metal vocalist and itīs cool. Astarte consists of Kinthia: guitar, vocals, keyboards - Tristessa: bass, keyboards - Nemesis: guitar, keyboards. The drumming is handled by Aivar which I guess is a session musician. Anyway great metal do they play.