Acid Death - Original true death
Acid death were created back in 1989 by four guys who just wanted to create a real aggressive sound. after hard work, passing through several line-up changes, they recorded and released their first and only demo-tape called rotation of insanity in the summer of 1990. The fans around the world liked acid death’s style in that demo, which was pure death-thrash. So the demo took very good criticism. After three years of live-shows and serious lineup changes, the band signed with now legendary Molon Lave records, who released their first work on vinyl, the totally crushing 7" Ep "Apathy Murders Hope" in 1993 and one year later their second work, a split LP with Avulsed(spain-grindcore). Now Acid Death had created a more personally sound with total sick but excellent weird inlays in the music. In both these works everyone could see this new music-direction. Their style became more brutal and more technical and even touching some progressive forms. The fans loved these works, the zines helped with good criticism, so Acid Death didn’t stop playing although the military-problems they faced from the end of 1993 till the end of 1995. Now they’re back, stronger than ever, with their full-length CD called "Pieces of mankind". Their new songs are more dark-melodic and more brutal than ever but in a very, very strange and original way. That's why we like Acid Death so much I guess. The line-up is as follows: Savvas-Jake (bass/voice), Dennis (lead guitar), Costas (drums), Themis (lead and rhythm guitars).